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By the time the sims 3 is done loading you don’t really want to play it anymore

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Studio Pierrot sketches for Izuna Uchiha.

Am I the only one who is incredibly fascinated by this character?

September 2 | 2:17 | 249♥ | lumenna


When u and ur friend like the same character image

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alright now my sad thought at 2am:

i’ve never had a really fun birthday and for the most part i hate them so i’m feeling really apprehensive this year because in about 4-5 months i’ll be 20, my dad might get more pissed off that im still at home, and my birthday is probably the day i always feel the worst

So like January can stay far away please


September 2 | 1:54

multiple people on my dash are suddenly talking about birthdays and i don’t want to be left out so im gonna say im going to be 20 in less than half a year oh no

September 2 | 1:49

fun fact: I used to like spiders until i found a giant daddy long leg in my hair

September 2 | 1:41 | 1♥






he crip walking and shit

rep at all times

Tha God Itachi

asenshi see what niggas be doin to your posts

lmao I was laughing at these when I first saw them, but this is nothing compared to all the crazy stuff people said on this one snk gif I made.

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